Canadian Medical Cannabis Council members seek to advance the production, development, and distribution of medical cannabis in a responsible and transparent manner. Our code of ethics is based on six fundamental principles:


Patient safety is the CMCC’s top priority. Accordingly, CMCC members must ensure safe delivery and consumption of medical cannabis, as well as accurate and compliant communication of product information.



The CMCC requires members to conduct themselves with utmost integrity and professionalism. CMCC members must be aware of potential conflicts of interests and manage them appropriately. In particular, CMCC members must not engage in any practice that is likely to interfere with the professional independence of physicians, including the practice of paying kickbacks or referral fees in exchange for patient authorizations or referrals. 



CMCC members are committed to providing patients with medical cannabis produced under stringent quality assurance and accountability processes.



CMCC members will strive to maintain strain diversity and consistent supply. CMCC members will also work with insurance providers, as well as provincial and federal formularies, to obtain coverage for medical cannabis patients. 



The success of the Canadian medical cannabis industry is dependent on preventing diversion of legal, federally regulated, physician-authorized medical cannabis to the black market. CMCC members will implement rigorous measures to prevent diversion at every stage of the supply chain. 



The CMCC recognizes the strong need to advance the state of scientific knowledge around medical cannabis. CMCC members will sponsor and support clinical and/or scientific research efforts and shall ensure that such research is ethically defensible, socially responsible, and scientifically valid.