In response to the Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling in R. vs. Smith yesterday, Canadian Medical Cannabis Council (CMCC) interim Executive Director Philippe Lucas offered the following remarks:

  • “In a historic decision for medical cannabis patients and researchers, the Supreme Court of Canada has found that Canadians have a constitutional right to possess non-dried forms of marijuana.”
  • “The CMCC believes that extracts and derivatives are an important component of the future of medical cannabis research and therapy because they allow for more controlled dosage and consistent preparations, as well as provide non-smoke methods of delivery.”
  • “We are looking forward to working with medical cannabis patients, researchers, licensed producers and the government to apply the ruling in a manner that will advance legitimate scientific research into the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids and ensure that patients have safe access to high-quality extract and derivative products.”
  • “Looking at other jurisdictions outside of Canada, we’ve seen what can happen when extracts and derivatives are not properly regulated. Since Canada already has stringent medical cannabis regulations with the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR), it makes sense that extracts and derivatives should be regulated in a similar manner to ensure patient safety and product quality.”